Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hatred in Establishment Physics

It is true reader.

Most physicists are nasty, hateful, self centered individuals. They are vicious. The majority of them holding the reputation as the cream of the crop in society is ill-deserved. They are like lawyers, the shitty 95% make the 5% who break their backs for people look bad. The real physicists who are deserving of respect are the people who dedicate their blood, sweat and tears towards easing the suffering of humanity, absent grants, titles, money and fame. If a "scientist" isn't doing that, but using their positions in universities to put others down and for self-aggrandizement, then they are the acidic needless forms which clutter the collective mentality of society.

This is why I will now consider myself a natural philosopher. The word "scientist" is overused and reeks of hate and disgust for anything new, especially inside the mob mentality of people online, labeling new original thinkers as pseudoscience promoters.

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