Monday, August 11, 2014

Leadership in the Astrophysical Community

There is no leadership in the astrophysical/geophysical community.

Name me one person who leads the way:

1. ????????
2. ????????
3. ????????

Where is the chain of command? Where are the old wise men making sure we don't do anything really, really dumb? There isn't one. There is no leadership. It is a total power vacuum, as it is run by a "mob-like" mentality. Attack anybody who threatens the giants of yesteryear, but don't suppose any real direction for the future of humanity.

We are training our graduate students to be push overs. Yes-men/women. We are teaching them that having a backbone and standing up for what you think is wrong, esp if it threatens the overall health of the larger community. Agreeing with everybody just to have a career is counter to progress.

Its like they are so concerned with avoiding conflict that the problems are festering and spreading like a cancer. We need to address these problems or else we run the risk of wasting HUGE amounts of talent and resources chasing dead ends. Don't take my word for it, we still do not have a working fusion reactor even though the technology was promised to work over 70 years ago.

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