Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bethe and Critchfield: Are Calculations Reality?

1938, Physical Review Letters... Calculation of what stars do in their interior with the Proton-Proton Chain (reaction).

I truly feel sorry for these two people. They were engaging in pseudoscience without even realizing it. You know how I can tell? Read the abstract I'll show you:

"The energy evolution due to the reaction is about 2 ergs per gram per second under the conditions prevailing at the center of the sun."

This is an assumption based off earlier assumptions, based off bad physics (the angular momentum problem of the nebular hypothesis). Stars form their cores as they evolve and die, thus young stars like the Sun do not have cores. This means two things:

1. They are not powered by a "fusion reactor" in their centers.

2. Stars like the Sun are not old, they are young (young really hot planets).

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