Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Stephen J. Crothers, Stellar Metamorphosis

Thank you Mr. Crothers for pointing out that Big Bang and Black Holes are nonsense.

Now my generation has the obligation to fully replace Big Bang and Black Hole nonsense with modern understanding. For those who are not aware, I have already contacted Mr. Crothers and have asked to collaborate with him in the development of new theory. He said he has no interest in the development of new theory.

So there you have it. His job is done.

Since it leaves a huge gap in theory, (determining the ages of stars, synthesis of elements, galaxy formation, etc.) it will automatically be filled back up with big bang trash. I think that's the point I'm making here. Slamming your feet in a puddle will temporarily remove the water, but it will fill back in again, especially when it is raining!

This is a critical point for all theory development, just showing why a past theory is wrong doesn't get you anywhere. You must replace it.

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