Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Still Processing the Discovery, Stellar Metamorphosis

The social, emotional, mental and physical implications of a discovery of this magnitude I am still processing. I feel like I'm working on the theory, but not. Strange I know. This break is wonderful. I'm morphing into a new person, a less angry one, one that is more understanding of human beings' plight. I feel my nervous system healing, my thoughts and intensity of thinking becoming more refined and focused a sharpening of the saw if you will.

Also I learned a great lesson that I would also like to share just now really. Einstein developed special relativity and it was great, I like it. All it means is that light takes time to travel, so you're never really looking at far away objects as they are. His mistake was trying to apply that to gravitation (general relativity). He went from good philosophy to bad in about 10 years. So 1905-1915.

I will avoid any talk of the causes of gravitation and focus my efforts on what I do understand, stellar metamorphosis. Trying to apply stellar metamorphosis to solving the mystery of gravitation might lead future generations down a dead end path similar to what Einstein did when he tried to apply SR to gravitation.

Gravitation and its causes are beyond me. I'm okay with that.

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