Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stellar Populations on Wolynski-Taylor Diagram, Stellar Metamorphosis

Just click on the graph to make it bigger. It is outlined the populations of stars according to their physical properties/stages of evolution. This is a huge correction as opposed to the incomplete and haphazard classification imposed by Baade in the 20th century, based on their locations.

It is not good to classify stars based on their locations in a galaxy. They needed to be classified by their physical properties and stages of evolution. Now we can do this because we have the data and observations to support it, which was never been made available in Baade's time. So to be fair, Baade simply did not know how star's evolved, he didn't know what they looked like, or how many were out there. He probably would have made something like this if he had the technology, but he didn't.

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