Thursday, May 24, 2018

New Paper by D. Archer on the Life Paradigm in GTSM

D. Archer connects Jeremy England's work on dissipative systems needing to be present so that life can form, and in essence, the star is the vast dissipative system that does it naturally. The next step I saw in D. Archer's work is this statement:

"With stellar metamorphosis we can see that it is not really life that evolves, it is the astron that evolves. Life adapts to the evolution of its astron, it is co-dependant to this evolving system."

Being that life is co-dependent, we have an enormously more accurate worldview of stars, much more encompassing than just the habitable zone hypothesis, which does not explain anything other than melted water on the surface due to only one source of heat.

Rather than limit our minds, we should take a few steps forward and pay attention to the facts of nature. Life is ubiquitous. It is everywhere it can be, and that is saying something.

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