Friday, October 17, 2014

Stellar Metamorphosis: Liquid Carbon

When we are referring to the phases of matter during star evolution we must include the basic philosophical conclusion that the material will behave differently. Liquid carbon is one of these materials. The interiors of stars as they pressurize and combine elements into molecules is very, very different than what labs are used to producing.

A suggestion to them is to learn how to magnetically confine material so that superheated, super pressurized material doesn't damage apparatuses. Tools designed to magnetically confine material to test it under pressures of GPa (giga-pascal) and at temperatures above 4,000 Kelvin is the future of material sciences.

Liquid carbon. Yea, I bet that is some really strange stuff. We need to head in this direction, the Magnet Lab at Florida State University is on the right track, the LHC is off the rails into pseudoscience, all the higgs bosons and the minds who believe in them (pseudoscientists) included.

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