Monday, October 6, 2014

Why These Women Should Receive the Nobel Prize in Physics

Here is the article:

Northern Irish astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell is perhaps the most obvious choice for Nobel consideration, because her discovery of a new kind of star—the pulsar—has already been honored with the 1974 Nobel Prize in Physics. Burnell did not, however, share the honor; it went instead to her graduate adviser, Antony Hewish, along with colleague Martin Ryle, both at the University of Cambridge. But it was Burnell, while a graduate student in Hewish’s lab, who in 1967 found a set of inexplicable rapid-fire radio wave pulses in telescope data she and Hewish had gathered. It was also Burnell who insisted this was a real signal and not experimental noise. And it was Burnell who soon found more such signals from different parts of the sky, proving that she was onto a new kind of astronomical object and not radio emissions from “little green men,” as she and Hewish had speculated (mostly in jest).

Is that not some bullshit? She makes discovery, she does not receive the honor of Noble Prize. It goes to her graduate advisor.

Someone please correct this situation and give the Nobel Prize to Jocelyn. She deserves it, and it would make the Nobel people gain some respect in my book. Right now they are basically dumbasses in my book. There has to be some redeeming thing they can do. Not to mention it would be a step in the right direction towards equality between men and women.

Will the Nobel Committee do it? Probably not. You know why? They are idiots.

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