Friday, May 8, 2015

A hot start to the origin of life? Stellar Metamorphosis

"This is the first time anyone's looked at a hot reaction like this."

"cosmic barbeque"

"the space between stars"

Well that basically sums up the article. They believe life is formed outside of stars. Negative. Life forms inside the star as it cools and dies, eventually becoming a life hosting star called by astronomers, "planet". Life is a by-product of stellar evolution itself. They would know this if they kept up to date with current evolutionary models of stars, but nope. They prefer keeping safe in their Ivory Towers.


  1. sure star becomes a life hosting planet and life is by-product of stellar evolution
    but how is genetic programing is so precise? we all know darwin evolution is false.
    i think life starts high and then slow deteriorates over the course of billion year due to entropy, not slowly evolve into god like creatures.
    how life actually came about is still a mystery.
    what if animal life is born from some sort of life giving trees that no longer exist?

  2. This book is a recommended read for everyone!


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