Friday, December 20, 2013

Black Holes Do Not Exist

I've been wanting to make a post that singles out the black hole mind phantasm for some time now.

Mr. Stephen J. Crothers shows that they are figments of the imagination. Please review his material. Stephen J. Crothers website

Here is an email I sent to him today:

Mr. Crothers,

I have been doing research into space phenomenon and other things as you know. One thing that specifically stands out because of your work is the "black hole". 

Take a look at this page:

over 3000 views per day, this means it is popular culture for sure.

Which brings to mind a simple realization really. The "Black Hole" even though it does not exist in nature, exists in the public perception of space phenomenon. This means you will get very many non-experts and experts alike to claim of their existence. 

So in short, there will be resistance to your understanding not because of rational arguments, but because it is public perception of what is real. Think about it, almost everybody at university even in High School and what not thinks these things are real, even though they are figments of the imagination. 

How does one show another that they have materialized a figment of their imagination? What we are dealing with are not just the non-existence of the black hole, but of a challenge to what it means to the human psyche itself. It should be noticed that when a belief is taken to heart, it becomes real, no matter how irrational. 

My guess is that the "black hole" will morph into other concepts and the complete abandonment of this atrocious idea will not have an apex. In other words it will not be noticed when people start rejecting this theory in popular culture, it will only fade into non-importance and eventually forgotten. Anybody who then decides to bring it up again will considered to be as kooky as those who believed the Earth in its entirety was flat. 

-Jeffrey Wolynski

Science is a method of inquiry not a belief system. Science as a belief system doesn't even know the correct questions to ask. The cult of scientism is incredibly pervasive though, people from all walks of life should be aware of its dangers too, it breeds indifference to new possibilities and confuses fresh golden insight for rehashed pseudoscience. Pay attention reader. We are experiencing a scientific revolution like no other. 

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