Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Purpose of this Blog and My Mission

My mission is to rid the sciences of big bang creationism, and other dogmatic beliefs, as no authoritarian scientist could ever end that which has always been- the soul and intelligence of humanity.

We must collect up the other revolutionaries and start sifting though the mess the establishment has laid before us. Brushing these problems underneath the rug will not suffice any longer. At the very least we must fire all mainstream scientists and start from scratch, before there were hundreds of particles, before there was ever any belief system of how the universe worked.

We must go back to the early 1900's when thermodynamics was just coming into being and start there, erasing the black boards and the mental conditioning that our youth have endured. We must transition back to a more free-wheeling endeavor, before peer -review could suck the life out of free inquiry and the process of thinking. We must go back to when the development of original thought wasn't considered taboo, when papers about new scientific ideas could be published in open forums without immediate dismissal. We must realize that saving face and upholding the smoke and mirrors approach of the mathematical establishment can not longer be the prime motive.

We must transition back to a more natural philosophy, one not fudged. We must go back to piecing the puzzle together without forcing parts to fit with each other with mathematics. We must realize that if any progress is to be made we must take charge of our future right now, and tell the mathematicians they are not gods. That they are fools that have been leading us astray for over 100 years.

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