Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Easy to Understand Problem with Astrophysics and Astronomy

For those that understand the bare bones of this theory you can see how problematic the issue is. Stars are new planets, and planets are ancient stars. The General Theory of Stellar Metamorphosis completely replaces both plate tectonics theory and the nebular hypothesis and all its ad hoc/unsubstantiated derivatives which violate basic laws concerning the conservation of angular momentum of spinning objects.   
It should be an easy exercise in research to find how many times establishment physicists insinuate that planets and stars are different objects.

Here is the very basics of establishment dogma:


Then you will get the gist of this issue. The discovery of the first planet outside of our solar system goes to the first human to look up on a clear night sky. Stars are newborn planets. So essentially the discovery is built into the human experience and does not belong to any "researcher" or "scientist".

This understanding will never suit the egos of establishment scientists. They claim to have universal understanding with their super duper math equations, formulas, titles, Nobel Prizes, and over 1000 years of factual knowledge all accumulated into the halls of their institutions. They are incredibly clueless, in all actuality this understanding is a great embarrassment to those in charge as well, as it means their credibility is shot. Their PhD's are not worth the paper they are printed on. A sort of monetary inflation if you will, thousands of PhD's with no real understanding, as worthless as the German Mark after WWI.

The scientists with real value will only be allowed to publish their understanding on As anything that steps out of bounds of current dogma inside of establishment science will be immediately rejected and peer reviewed out of existence.  

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