Monday, December 9, 2013

Mainstream scientists who run the astronomy departments have to keep under the radar now. Their theories and closely held beliefs are vanishing into the wind as well as their credibility.

The only people allowed to smack talk the nebular hypothesis because they have non-existent careers are the graduate students. We know this because the person quoted as saying:

"This system is especially fascinating because no model of either planet or star formation fully explains what we see,”

Is a graduate student! This means she is not a professor or tenured individual who risks her career for smack talking the current dogma!

Vanessa Bailey is not aware of how dangerous it is to smack talk the nebular hypothesis, because the nebular hypothesis is the closely held belief system of the tenured professors who hold high positions at universities. What she does not realize is that if there is no nebular hypothesis or model, then it means that all the models that were taught to the people that came before her are all bogus. This means that astronomy professors do not have any credibility when it comes to star science. Their PhD's are not worth the paper they are printed on!

Why did all of this occur? It occurred because assumptions were made into facts. Astronomers assumed without evidence that planets are gaseous, solids and liquids and stars were plasma only. Little did they know they are the same objects. Plasma becomes gas, liquid and solid. Stars are new planets. Planets are ancient stars. The theory of stellar metamorphosis covers this. This is basic star science and has been basic for some time, only ignored and placed on the back burner because of theoretical (fantasy) mathematical physicists and their plethora of unsubstantiated nonsense invented year after year.

The only compact/degenerate stars in the galaxy are planets. This is because a planet is an evolving/dead star. Planets are not theoretical, they are real and can be experimented on and observed. We are even standing on one. Earth is a black dwarf star.

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