Friday, October 3, 2014

The Unmoderated Section on Philosophy Forum (I have made a science discovery)

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The nebular hypothesis is unnecessary.

Star evolution is planet formation. A planet is a burned out/dying star. A star is a brand new planet.

They are the same things only in different stages of evolution.

I have been ridiculed by the scientists of establishment and other science forums for the past 2+ years for trying to share this. They call me crank, crackpot, pseudoscientist, uneducated, a troll etc. It is a strange state of affairs though, its the educated ones who call me names, the uneducated ones find it to be a fantastic theory and wholeheartedly thank me for giving them fresh air to breathe. Those who realize what it means and can understand it will never look at the stars/the Earth, the same ever again.

If you want to read it, read it. But keep in mind, this is some real serious stuff. I am 29 years old and I made the discovery in August of 2011, when I was 26. I was minding my own business, just reading stuff online and I saw a picture of the "evolved" star on the wikipedia page entitled "stellar evolution". I realized that that isn't an evolved star, that's the Earth! Then it hit me, I mean I was in genuine shock for 3 days afterwards! Earth is an evolved star. Earth is a black dwarf star. It is a 4.5 billion year old star.

The concept of "planet" has effectively disappeared. It's all stars! Many billions of them! All in many different stages of evolution!!!!!

I will not receive any kind of prize or award for this discovery, all I will probably receive (my mentor's advice) is just ridicule for the rest of my life. I will die with this theory. I know this now, as I have learned the hard way establishment has too much invested in mathematical modelling and careers built on ideas that are false. They are not going to trash their closely held beliefs, it would cause too much cognitive dissonance. So they just ridicule and carry on as if nothing happened.

Well, here it is:

Here is a watered down version, (both need lots of editing)

Here is the actual evolution of stars according to this theory:

That about sums it up. If you have any questions please post them here. If anybody wants to help me edit I would be more than welcome. I have been doing this all by myself, it has taken me for one hell of a ride emotionally and mentally, so keep in mind if your only option is to ridicule or start flaming, please go away, you are wasting my time.

As long as the core of this theory is in tact: Star evolution is planet formation, then I'm up for anything! I have emailed thousands of professors, and I got nothing. They just ignore me. I have started a thread on Electric Universe forum, and I can get some people interested, but most are more interested in Velikovsky stuff, I am not interested in Velikovsky, I am interested in explained how the ground came to be rocks and minerals in the vacuum of outer space.

-Jeffrey Wolynski

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