Saturday, September 20, 2014

... another explanation of Stellar Metamorphosis.

In this theory a star starts out with cold material, and powerful electromagnetic interactions cause it to heat up significantly. To dissipate the enormous heat the star will expand greatly a like soap bubble, and then as it dissipates the heat will then start collapsing again as the material cools. The star maintains its spherical shape during the cooling process, this is why all "planets" are spherical. If they formed from a "disk" according to the nebular hypothesis then they should be flat things, unfortunately for accepted theory this is not observed.

As the star cools it differentiates and shrinks, all the while losing mass and having its spectrum diminish considerably, until eventually the star no longer has a spectrum and the material undergoes thermodynamic phase transitions, plasma to gas, gas to liquids/solids. This is where scientists mess up, they assume that stars which are dying and are not active enough to produce noticeable spectrums are completely different objects. They call them "planets".

 In other words, the concepts "planet" and "star" were never mutually exclusive. It is only in the minds of educated folk that this is true. Unfortunately for them its simply not true. The star is the young planet and the planet is the ancient star. They are the same objects, only in different stages of evolution.

I have learned wording and rewording the theory is helping people tremendously. I have considered multiple approaches to spreading this discovery. 

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