Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Correcting Our Favorite People Again... Guess How a Star Makes Water and When?


Finding clouds of water floating in the atmosphere of an alien world is a significant find. Now, astronomers have reported preliminary findings that water clouds have been detected in the atmosphere of a brown dwarf, a mere 7.3 light-years from Earth.

But don’t dream of an alien planet with white, fluffy clouds rolling over a habitable terrain, brown dwarfs are cool failed stars with thick churning atmospheres, the antithesis of a life-giving habitat (as we know it).

A couple problems and ideas:

1. Brown dwarfs synthesize hydrogen gas with oxygen gas making water, so this finding is no surprise if the general theory of stellar metamorphosis is taken into account

2. It will cool and shrink as the other material deposits as solid/liquid structure undergoing basic thermodynamic phase transitions called deposition and condensation. Which means it will become an "alien planet with white, fluffy clouds rolling over a habitable terrain" in its future when it is much more evolved.

3. This is not a "failed star", it is an intermediately aged star. The "failed" nonsense is a direct result of scientists thinking stars are fusion reactors, they are not, they are giant electrochemical/thermochemical events which are taking elements and combining them into molecules.

4. It is not the anti-thesis of a life giving habitat, it is the thesis of a life producing habitat in the earliest stages of life formation when the first molecules are synthesized like water, methane, amino acids, etc. In the general theory of stellar metamorphosis life formation is a direct result of the evolution of a star, and this brown dwarf is intermediate stages.

What has caused their cluelessness is the simple fact that they forgot half of their understanding. The latter half of star evolution was completely ignored!

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