Tuesday, September 2, 2014

One of Establishment Science's Dirty Little Secrets

As I carry on in my journey I have found a simple fact of science. It is a deep secret that no PhD will willingly admit.

They will keep theories even though they do not make sense.

Page 17, How to Mount a Challenge:

For example, Paul Marmet said that “Scientists prefer to stick to old theories even if they do not make sense. I was at first very surprised by that reaction but, after a few years, I had to admit that it is a normal human reaction” (28 July 2002).


Pay attention reader. A "scientist" is suppose to be this objective researcher who does not have bias, or ego to content with. Yet Mr. Marmet has clearly stated that this is not the case. The case is this, a "scientist" is not as objective as they would like people to believe. The real shocker to me was this statement which further nailed the coffin to my understanding that establishment is not what people think it is:

According to Bruce Harvey, a dissident physicist, “To say that the established scientific world is prejudiced against new ideas is an understatement. It is paranoid about them.” (13 August 2002). 

I am not kidding reader. It is real. Scientific progress is limited by human ego and thoughts which operate off habit. If a new theory comes around that challenges that, it becomes a threat to that person's belief system and ego. The paranoia is real. They don't want new ideas, they want confirmation of their thoughts so that they can maintain internal consistency and the cognitive dissonance is kept at low levels.

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