Monday, September 8, 2014

Sir Fred Hoyle Was Wrong About Stars

They are not forming elements. They are forming molecules.

They are not nuclear events. They are electrochemical/thermochemical events.

The heat produced from a star is electrochemical/thermochemical in nature, not thermonuclear. To those who say chemical reactions cannot exist on the Sun, I suggest you get an MRI of your brain done. When you have ionized elements they will combine eventually, as they are charged. This means they will release heat in large amounts, leading to huge exothermic reactions taking place.

The idea that hydrogen in the core fuses into helium is just wrong.

Hydrogen is lightest element, it rises to the surface of any object while the heavier elements sink. We can experimentally verify this with balloons.

Why isn't this mentioned in "astro" literature? I guess they can just place hydrogen wherever they want it, and make it do things it can't.

Maybe someone should tell the people at the National Ignition Facility their efforts are an exercise in vanity.

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