Saturday, September 20, 2014

Some Thoughts on What I Learned When the Discovery Was Made

Yea, I think I'm just going to focus on my job. I mean, it wasn't like I spent years of schooling to make a discovery, it just happened to me. It wasn't planned. I guess a good comparison was I was just walking in the woods and I had stubbed my toe on a rock. I wondered what a strange rock to be in the middle of the woods, so I decided to try and pull it up. It was too big to pull up so I started to dig around it... turns out the digging turned into more digging... eventually I found out that it was the top of some ancient building, and that ancient building was completely covered by many hundreds of meters of dirt... and then come to find out that building was just one of an entirely buried ancient civilization that stretched into the woods for many tens of miles. It turned out to be a vast network much more vast than I could ever imagine, and digging it up on my own, well, it is just too much. 

 I stumbled upon a very ancient deep understanding of nature, and I was naive to expect educated individuals to immediately understand it. I have painfully learned it is actually the educated people who are the most closed minded, bigoted, hateful individuals. Though all of this I have unwittingly been mimicking their attitude towards out of the box ideas, which has been detrimental to the development of the understanding. People reading this thread in the future will probably think I'm some arrogant fool, I don't think myself to me. I just think I'm learning very fast how new ideas travel and it is an emotional roller coaster. What a painful, miserable experience all of this has been.

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