Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Which Paradigms are being Replaced via Stellar Metamorphosis?

Three paradigms are being replaced via stellar metamorphosis and a multitude of other ideas.

1. Big bang creationism
2. stellar nucleosynthesis
3. nebular hypothesis

In stellar metamorphosis stars are born inside of growing and active galaxies, they did not come from some big bang event.

In stellar metamorphosis stars are electrochemical/thermochemical events, not thermonuclear. Thermonuclear events are birthing galaxies. A star's heat is produced via plasma recombination, and vast amounts of chemical synthesis. This means the star will remain hot as the chemicals are synthesized and are deposited on the interior of the star as it cools and dies.

In stellar metamorphosis no disk is needed. The star retains its spherical shape as it cools and shrinks. The star is the nebular collapsing dust cloud which becomes the "planet". There are no disks needed.

It is suggested for the reader to ask me questions if they need further clarification. I will be willing to answer any and all questions. Even though the theory is over 90 years old, it is still new simply because most astronomers have never even heard of it. I have taken it upon myself to continue working on it because I  have come to the same sound conclusion as those have before me. Because of this, I also have a great many additions to make to it, so I consider not only an old theory, but my own as well because so many additions are being made and clarifications that were not made before.

So far there are 4 people who *own* stellar metamorphosis.

Alexander Oparin, Anthony Abruzzo, Charles Nunno and myself.

This is only because they have formalized papers published concerning this theory. Publish a writing asking questions and stating facts concerning it and it can be yours as well. We have an incredible amount of work to do. It is suggested to publish your findings and ideas concerning this theory on There they will not censor your ideas. The founder of that site understands that physics is a progressive endeavor, it is always changing.

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