Sunday, September 7, 2014

It is fun making posts because I see so much wrong with astronomy.

I love making posts concerning this discovery.

One thing I've noticed in particular is the "artists impressions" of "exoplanets".

In this theory they are blue like Earth, Neptune and Uranus. Stars older and smaller than the Earth become the beige hue, as its atmosphere/water being flushed from the surface by hotter younger stars, leaving the hard rocky ball to wander the galaxy. The "exoplanets" (ancient stars) they have here as artist impressions are all blue and they are completely covered in water. Astronomers are opposed to water worlds for some strange reason. It might be the same reason why they believe the entirety of all existence just exploded into being out of nothing, as covered by the outdated and absurd big bang theory.

There is life on these worlds. The "scientists" say there is no proof. I say they are idiots, or just over-educated fools who don't know any better, like galactic children. Alien life is all over the universe and it visits us on a daily basis.

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