Wednesday, September 10, 2014

More Propaganda from "Science" sites

Its the same thing over and over and over... dust magically clumps together absent:

1. A heat source
2. via gravity absent a gravitating body
3. charged material
4. a direction for clumping
5. with too much angular momentum
6. outside a body
7. pressure (outer space is vacuum)

All my readers know "accretion" can only happen where:

1. there is a heat source to melt the material
2. there is a gravitating body
3. there is charged material (plasma)
4. a direction for clumping
5. with the object taking away the angular momentum
7. inside a body
8. pressurized material (the star provides the pressure)

The only place that can supply all 8 of these requirements is a "star" itself. Therefore, it is philosophically sound to assume that since these 8 requirements do not exist in outer space, but only in the "stars" that we observe, it comes to serve us that "accretion" of a star happens inside of them. The "star" is the nebular collapsing dust cloud that synthesizes the "planet".

The "star" is the object that synthesizes the "planet". A star is a planet oven. As it cools and dies the material clumps together in its central areas forming the hard rocky ball in its center. This process takes many billions of years. We are breathing in, standing on, interacting with an ancient star many billions of years old. It is older than the Sun. It is in the last stages of star evolution.

This is un-agreeable to the establishment, so the reader must be advised, they will be ridiculed and put down, told they are idiots, or cranks, crackpots and the like. Do not listen to them, their paradigm is dead, they just don't know it yet.

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