Monday, September 29, 2014

Dr. Laura Mersini-Houghton

"Things were up for grab before when we thought there were singularities but did not know what they are or what happens near them. That led to a whole lot of speculation about singularities pinching off spacetime and making holes in the universe, and swallowing all the information about our universe... Now Harald and I have shown that since there are no singularities then we are back in the land of certainty as far as stars in our universe are concerned. We can study them with physics we trust and can follow their evolution through all the stages, with no mystery of incomprehensible exotic objects such as singularities involved."

Statements like this give me hope that establishment scientists aren't all idiots. Good job Laura. The underground scientific community already knows black holes are bullshit, thanks for helping us out.

Now what you need to do Laura is tell your friends that stellar evolution is the process of planet formation as a "planet" is an evolved/evolving star.

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