Sunday, January 8, 2017

Not about right or wrong anymore, Stellar Metamorphosis

I am beginning to see myself not as a person who will be proven right many years down the road, I'd rather see myself as someone who is correct NOW and only the people who can accurately judge the information they are told in school will be privy to the ideas presented. On that note, they can accept or reject as they please, but the option is now available. I've learned that it is not a question of who's right or wrong, it was never about that, it has always been about allowing people to evolve on their own terms. Some people can handle this idea, some cannot. Whether it is right or wrong was never the main issue, because to fully grasp it your worldview changes permanently. When it comes to emotional and moral changes the issue is much more complex than a True/False test.

 Most academics are not at the top of human understanding, as we have found out. Most academics will never even see this theory. On the other side of the spectrum some people who have never step foot in a university setting will instantaneously understand this theory, that planets evolve (from their hotter star-like state), to take on the very structure we are standing on. I'm here for those people,  those people who's intuition is guiding them like my own, to question the people preaching "facts". Its the same shit priests did to the peasants... you are not educated enough to interpret the will of God. These days the academics use math to throw people under the bus. Just like scripture, math makes reality vague and subtracts meaning, and can be interpreted by crazy people.