Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Marine Corps versus Graduate Degrees

Let me get one thing straight. The vast majority of establishment scientists do not understand what mental conditioning is. They think that their schooling and ideas are perfect, flawless, correct and that they are on the right path for the progess of humanity.  We have a problem though, it has spun wildly out of control. Their attitude towards their beliefs and ideas has gotten way out of hand. Those that have degrees and titles and seem to be authorities on the matter of what is correct and real concerning nature have been abusing their positions of power.

The best way I can explain this is this: In the Marines, we were told we were badass. Unstoppable. That the "terrorists" lived in other countries and that we must destroy them and all of their evil ways. I believed this. I thought I was a "freedom fighter". This is not true at all. I was a tool for a military industrial complex much larger than what I could perceive. I literally risked my balls for rich people's political and socio-economic gains.

In graduate school and college, people are told (who do science degrees) that their ways are perfect, their methods flawless, that if there was something to be known or understood, it would have already been figured out. A sort of pathological sense of omniscience becomes the name of the game, similar to the kind of mental conditioning I was conditioned to in the Marines (invincibility).

After I got out I realized I was not invincible. I bled. I suffered (am still suffering) a very bitter depression from unprogramming from the delusion of invincibility. It's a sort of cognitive dissonance if you will, experiencing pain and not believing that there is a problem. A complete denial of the human side of me, that I am fallible and that I can break and die.

On the other hand, graduate students of science are in a complete denial of the human side, that they could be completely hopelessly wrong about everything. They say, no, we would admit if we were wrong. The truth is that they don't. They plow through their degrees, agreeing nonstop just for approval, to get money, careers, grants, awards, positions at universities, etc. Standing up for what they believe is right is looked down upon, you have to first bow before the "gods" before you access the halls of cult science. The integrity is ripped out of their chests, and shit on by the peer reviewers. Those who have fresh new ideas are censored and ridiculed. Its like the Milgram Experiment on a vast scale. Convince people that they are right about everything and give them power and they will believe it and abuse it.

But science, true science is not a cult. It's just a method of inquiry. It incorporates valid philosophy and is self correcting. A real scientist does not need approval from the "gods" of establishment. They don't need to be peer reviewed to bring up valid points and share discovery. They can make discoveries of their own. Many scientists already realize this. Many scientists realized this many years ago, long before I was even born.

The fear of establishment scientists

I am going to take a break from theory and communication of theory. For those scientists who wish to publish their papers without being censored, please visit vixra.org and publish.

We must realize that the scientific establishment is trying to prevent new ideas and free thought from entering the public's perception of science. Establishment scientists have everything to lose, as their credibility is on  the line.

Stellar metamorphosis does not only threaten the nebular hypothesis, it outright replaces it. This is incredibly dangerous to the established paradigm. Please keep in mind the establishment scientists will ridicule and put as many free thinkers and innovators down as much as possible by calling them cranks, pseudoscientists, crackpots and the like. Do not listen to them. They are only acting out of fear of becoming obsolete.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Black Holes Do Not Exist

I've been wanting to make a post that singles out the black hole mind phantasm for some time now.

Mr. Stephen J. Crothers shows that they are figments of the imagination. Please review his material. Stephen J. Crothers website

Here is an email I sent to him today:

Mr. Crothers,

I have been doing research into space phenomenon and other things as you know. One thing that specifically stands out because of your work is the "black hole". 

Take a look at this page:


over 3000 views per day, this means it is popular culture for sure.

Which brings to mind a simple realization really. The "Black Hole" even though it does not exist in nature, exists in the public perception of space phenomenon. This means you will get very many non-experts and experts alike to claim of their existence. 

So in short, there will be resistance to your understanding not because of rational arguments, but because it is public perception of what is real. Think about it, almost everybody at university even in High School and what not thinks these things are real, even though they are figments of the imagination. 

How does one show another that they have materialized a figment of their imagination? What we are dealing with are not just the non-existence of the black hole, but of a challenge to what it means to the human psyche itself. It should be noticed that when a belief is taken to heart, it becomes real, no matter how irrational. 

My guess is that the "black hole" will morph into other concepts and the complete abandonment of this atrocious idea will not have an apex. In other words it will not be noticed when people start rejecting this theory in popular culture, it will only fade into non-importance and eventually forgotten. Anybody who then decides to bring it up again will considered to be as kooky as those who believed the Earth in its entirety was flat. 

-Jeffrey Wolynski

Science is a method of inquiry not a belief system. Science as a belief system doesn't even know the correct questions to ask. The cult of scientism is incredibly pervasive though, people from all walks of life should be aware of its dangers too, it breeds indifference to new possibilities and confuses fresh golden insight for rehashed pseudoscience. Pay attention reader. We are experiencing a scientific revolution like no other. 

How Establishment Scientism Views the Ages of the Stars in Our system

In stellar metamorphosis all stars are different ages. As they die they change composition and combine their elements into molecules. This is basic star science but ignored by establishment scientism and Big Bang Creationists.

Monday, December 16, 2013

What I look like when I read mainstream "science" forums.


Big Bang creationism and nebular hypothesis, or "this and that", or something from nothing theory and dust squeezing together absent pressure, gravitation or heat hypothesis to make objects the size of the Earth. The real question is have you had enough of the lies from establishment? Here is an overview of the theory which was deleted by the wikipedia thought police. Yes, thought police are real. They cover their lies with bureaucratic bullshit, rules and nonsense. They are like children on a playground making up rules constantly as the game is played to make sure they will win. It is much worse in China and even worse in North Korea, so be thankful. Wikipedia is rule by the mob for the mob, it is a good system for erasing human ingenuity and the soul of our species, which is of creation, discovery and sharing.

The article that was deleted by the wikipedia thought police.

The wikipedia deletion page of stellar metamorphosis.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Purpose of this Blog and My Mission

My mission is to rid the sciences of big bang creationism, and other dogmatic beliefs, as no authoritarian scientist could ever end that which has always been- the soul and intelligence of humanity.

We must collect up the other revolutionaries and start sifting though the mess the establishment has laid before us. Brushing these problems underneath the rug will not suffice any longer. At the very least we must fire all mainstream scientists and start from scratch, before there were hundreds of particles, before there was ever any belief system of how the universe worked.

We must go back to the early 1900's when thermodynamics was just coming into being and start there, erasing the black boards and the mental conditioning that our youth have endured. We must transition back to a more free-wheeling endeavor, before peer -review could suck the life out of free inquiry and the process of thinking. We must go back to when the development of original thought wasn't considered taboo, when papers about new scientific ideas could be published in open forums without immediate dismissal. We must realize that saving face and upholding the smoke and mirrors approach of the mathematical establishment can not longer be the prime motive.

We must transition back to a more natural philosophy, one not fudged. We must go back to piecing the puzzle together without forcing parts to fit with each other with mathematics. We must realize that if any progress is to be made we must take charge of our future right now, and tell the mathematicians they are not gods. That they are fools that have been leading us astray for over 100 years.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Formation of HD 106906 b, or Gallifrey

I have written a new paper explaining the formation of the star HD 106906 b. Yes, I said star. An exoplanet is an evolving star according to stellar metamorphosis. The nebular hypothesis and all its ad hocy-ness is obsolete.

Here is the paper for those who are interested in stellar metamorphosis.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Many establishment scientists are pseudoscientists.

It is causing much confusion on the internet as to what a "pseudoscientist" is. People think that because an idea is different or outside of the established paradigm it is a pseudoscientific idea. I don't think this is true. What is true is that pseudoscience is alive and well inside of the established paradigm.

I think real pseudoscience is supposing ideas that can never be tested/experimented on, it has nothing to do with going against the consensus and going against what is believed or taught in school. These ideas include black holes, big bang, dark matter, neutrinos, quarks, higgs bosons, etc. 

These are pseudoscientific ideas, by definition, they can never be tested! A pseudoscientific idea can also hide behind excuse making from the pseudoscientists of establishment.

Big bang can never be observed directly or indirectly, or even falsified. It is pure pseudoscience at its finest.

Black hole pseudoscience is covered by Stephen J. Crothers.

Dark matter can not be detected in all frequencies of electromagnetism. All matter and nature can be detected via electromagnetism. Dark matter is horrendously pseudoscientific.

Neutrinos were invented to explain missing energy. There were never observed to begin with. Not only that, they can pass though 1 light year thick of the element lead in a solid block of material. They only show up when the mathematical physicists need to plug holes in their pseudoscientific models.

Neutrons are made of quarks, yet when they decay they become protons and electrons. An electron isn't a quark. How does a fundamental quark become a fundamental electron? This means the standard model is nonsense. 

Higgs bosons are the mass particle, so they have mass and give mass. A logical contradiction.

The top quark weighs more than an atom of iron, yet iron atoms have top quarks in them, another pseudoscientific claim.

As we see, true pseudoscience is masquerading as science. We have been sold a giant lie and took it all hook, line and sinker. These people need to be exposed for the frauds that they are.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Phil Plait thinks baby planets haven't been found.

Phil Plait thinks baby planets have not been found.

"For the moment, it’s still rare to get a snapshot of a baby planet. But, I hope, it’s only rare for the moment."
The theories Mr. Phil Plait are using were outdated since inception. The nebular hypothesis that Mr. Plait believes violates the conservation of angular momentum law. Disks do not become spheres in outer space Mr. Plait.

In stellar metamorphosis a star is a baby planet and a planet is an ancient star. They are the exact same objects, only in different stages of evolution. This understanding has been known for some time now. Mr. Alexander Oparin first thought it up in 1924. I discovered the process of stellar metamorphosis myself absent any information concerning Mr. Oparin and continue to work on it because the establishment is genuinely clueless.

Planet formation is star evolution itself. This is not rocket science. 

More Keywords for the Cranks/Crackpots and Pseudoscientists of the world to UNITE!

More keywords for the google search engine for stellar metamorphosis and to collect up the revolutionaries that sense that something is seriously wrong with establishment science. The cranks, crackpots and pseudoscientists of the world unite! Establishment science is trying to drag us back into the dark ages with dark matter, dark energy, black holes, big bang creationism and other nonsense!

Einstein was an idiot, Stephen Hawking is an idiot, Stephen Hawking does not know what he is doing, black holes do not exist, Stephen J. Crothers debunks black hole fantasy, black holes are nonsense, establishment science is clueless, establishment astronomy is clueless, establishment astronomy is wrong about everything, establishment astronomy is wrong about stars, establishment astronomy teaches false information, establishment astronomy is clueless, mainstream astronomy is clueless, mainstream astrophysics is clueless, establishment astrophysics is clueless, stellar metamorphosis replaces the nebular hypothesis, mainstream astronomy is dead, mainstream astronomy does not care for science, mainstream astronomy is a religion, mainstream astronomy is scientism, establishment astronomy is scientism, establishment astronomy is false, Stephen Hawking is dumb, spacetime does not exist, neutrinos do not exist, mainstream astrophysics is dead, mainstream astrophysics is false

Monday, December 9, 2013

For those who are reading this blog on stellar metamorphosis, do not hesitate to contact me or ask me questions. If you have theories of your own for the love of god publish them on vixra.org. If you try to email professors at universities all you will get is ridicule and them ignoring you.

They will say, "publish in a referred journal" like the parrots that they are. Remember, they have to put food on their tables, they have to earn a living. They do not want competition from outside sources and you pose as competition to their credibility. So what we have are two completely separate motivations here:

           1. The professors who make money off claiming to be "experts".

           2. The genuine discoverers and scientists who make genuine discoveries and do science for the love of it, not to make money.

We are dealing with two completely different animals here, with different motives. Therefore it should be noticed that if you make a discovery like I have, contact me or other real scientists who do not have money or fame on their minds. We are the ones who run the world and determine where humanity is headed, not the establishment. They are the giant cancer on the Earth which poses as being the brains of humanity. They are nothing of actual importance, but only to appear important. The younger generations who flock to them looking for "knowledge" are but only fooled. We live in the 21st century, we have the internet now. We don't have to flock to the university system and give them our cash anymore. To sum up the experience I have been having a nice quote will suffice:

“Many who are self-taught far excel the doctors, masters, and bachelors of the most renowned universities.” - Ludwig von Mises
Mainstream scientists who run the astronomy departments have to keep under the radar now. Their theories and closely held beliefs are vanishing into the wind as well as their credibility.


The only people allowed to smack talk the nebular hypothesis because they have non-existent careers are the graduate students. We know this because the person quoted as saying:

"This system is especially fascinating because no model of either planet or star formation fully explains what we see,”

Is a graduate student! This means she is not a professor or tenured individual who risks her career for smack talking the current dogma!

Vanessa Bailey is not aware of how dangerous it is to smack talk the nebular hypothesis, because the nebular hypothesis is the closely held belief system of the tenured professors who hold high positions at universities. What she does not realize is that if there is no nebular hypothesis or model, then it means that all the models that were taught to the people that came before her are all bogus. This means that astronomy professors do not have any credibility when it comes to star science. Their PhD's are not worth the paper they are printed on!

Why did all of this occur? It occurred because assumptions were made into facts. Astronomers assumed without evidence that planets are gaseous, solids and liquids and stars were plasma only. Little did they know they are the same objects. Plasma becomes gas, liquid and solid. Stars are new planets. Planets are ancient stars. The theory of stellar metamorphosis covers this. This is basic star science and has been basic for some time, only ignored and placed on the back burner because of theoretical (fantasy) mathematical physicists and their plethora of unsubstantiated nonsense invented year after year.

The only compact/degenerate stars in the galaxy are planets. This is because a planet is an evolving/dead star. Planets are not theoretical, they are real and can be experimented on and observed. We are even standing on one. Earth is a black dwarf star.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Easy to Understand Problem with Astrophysics and Astronomy

For those that understand the bare bones of this theory you can see how problematic the issue is. Stars are new planets, and planets are ancient stars. The General Theory of Stellar Metamorphosis completely replaces both plate tectonics theory and the nebular hypothesis and all its ad hoc/unsubstantiated derivatives which violate basic laws concerning the conservation of angular momentum of spinning objects.   
It should be an easy exercise in research to find how many times establishment physicists insinuate that planets and stars are different objects.

Here is the very basics of establishment dogma:

Star: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star
Planet: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planet

Then you will get the gist of this issue. The discovery of the first planet outside of our solar system goes to the first human to look up on a clear night sky. Stars are newborn planets. So essentially the discovery is built into the human experience and does not belong to any "researcher" or "scientist".

This understanding will never suit the egos of establishment scientists. They claim to have universal understanding with their super duper math equations, formulas, titles, Nobel Prizes, and over 1000 years of factual knowledge all accumulated into the halls of their institutions. They are incredibly clueless, in all actuality this understanding is a great embarrassment to those in charge as well, as it means their credibility is shot. Their PhD's are not worth the paper they are printed on. A sort of monetary inflation if you will, thousands of PhD's with no real understanding, as worthless as the German Mark after WWI.

The scientists with real value will only be allowed to publish their understanding on vixra.org. As anything that steps out of bounds of current dogma inside of establishment science will be immediately rejected and peer reviewed out of existence.  

List of keywords and phrases

List of Keywords for search engines:

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More for later. This is to simply see how well google can find stuff.