Friday, June 21, 2019

Gyrochronology in Stellar Metamorphosis

I am inventing the field of gyrochronology so that it applies to all stars in all stages of evolution, not just the ones that have the masses of Sun-like stars.

Venus, Mercury, Earth, Uranus, Saturn... the thousands of evolving stars found by Kepler (which are called exoplanets by the dogma). They all have a spot in the grand evolutionary history of our galaxy.

They all spin, and so much more information can be gathered from their spin rate than what the dogma allows for. It is time to open the flood gates.

Monday, June 3, 2019

June is PTSD Awareness Month

Grab a cat or a kitten, dog or puppy and play with it. Let the scenes of death, chaos and extreme paranoia have its sharp edges removed. If you can.

If not do what I do. Take those scenes and form them into emotions so that they can be placed in a new room in your mind. Make room for death in your mind, don't push it away, that takes too much effort. Death can have his own room, like a new member of the family, he gets his own bed too. Let him grow up and age with all the other nasty ideas, but don't let them be the head of household.

Think of your mind as a constantly expanding mansion, with new rooms being added. It is okay to expand who you are in the same way, that chaos is necessary energy to build and renovate. Sublimate it into useful work.

If you are arguing with a loved one, just stop, do some pushups. Exercise yourself while your mind sorts and builds something new inside of you. 

Life is nasty and brutal sometimes, it is best to let the nasty and brutal emotions handle them, but don't let them take charge.

Life sometimes doesn't make any sense either, let confusion handle those times. It is okay to be lost. Sometimes you need a whole lot of mixed emotions to handle life, don't just push them down thinking they are unwanted/unneeded. They are there to guide you, regardless if they are constantly nagging you the whole way there.