Thursday, November 15, 2018

Planets are older stars

Planets are older stars.
Exoplanets are older stars.
Stars are young planets.
Planets are ancient stars.
Stars are young exoplanets.
Stars are younger exoplanets.
Stars are younger planets.
Stars are new Earths.
Stars are new ocean worlds.
Stars are new gas giants.
Gas giants are older stars.
Super-earths are older gas giants.
Super-earths are old gas giants.
Exoplanets are old stars.
An exoplanet is an old star.
An exoplanets is an ancient star.
Earth is an old star.
Earth is an ancient star.
Earth is an older star.
Earth is older than the Sun.

I will add more for the google search engine later.

Monday, November 5, 2018


There is a mental limit on social creatures. Isolation caused by a new idea is a dangerous threat to a person's sanity and well-being. That's why scientists can only progress so fast, their goal is to maintain social cohesion while discovering and learning.

When you are standing on the edge of human understanding, on top of the mountain, it is extremely isolating. The price of knowing is alienation.