Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Star System Polymetamorphism

 All star systems are polymetamorphic/polymetamorphous. This means they contain stars in various stages to their own metamorphosis. Stars of all kinds orbit each other. Since they are all in different stages to their own metamorphosis, they are poly (many) meta (after) morphous/morphic (having a specified shape or form). A short list of differences between stars in our system and others is provided. As well, a short example concerning planet formation coupled with the field of molecular dynamics is provided. It is clear, planet formation (stellar evolution) is the most complex process in the universe, and stellar metamorphosis is the theory we will use to explain it, because it is the only theory that combines all the sciences together into one.

I'm beginning to realize planet formation is extremely complex, far beyond my capacity to do it justice. That being said I will continue to do my best to explain how planets are made (stars evolve).