Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Where did Earth's Helium Come from?

Earth's fixed helium came from trapped helium from earlier stages of evolution, when it mixed in with the natural gas (methane) and other hydrocarbons when they were forming.

The new helium on Earth produced now is from radioactive decay.

This means there is:

1. Fixed helium from earlier stages of evolution that has always been on Earth.
2. New helium produced from radioactive decay.

The vast majority of helium extracted from the Earth is from the first source, the second source is what the dogmatists claim the helium came from, but that is irrational. Irrationality is accepted though, as long as you accept and teach the party line. In a sense academics are like communists, they have no tolerance for new ideas that challenge their worldview.

Star Densities During Stellar Metamorphosis

The densities of stars changes as they evolve.

The Polymorphic System HD 87646 in Stellar Metamorphosis

New paper.

Nature is bizarre to the dogmatists. It is not bizarre, what is bizarre is their theories and models. 

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Dinosaurs in 3 to 5 bar Atmospheric Pressure

It follows from Mr. Levenspiel's work that dinosaurs were in a much thicker atmosphere. His work is in agreement with the atmospheric thinning principle:,

and the overall theory of stellar metamorphosis.