Friday, February 20, 2015

Challenge to Electric Universe: Iron/Nickel Core Formation


  1. while your theory mostly make sense, i don't see why you think earth is solid.
    solid earth theory ignores the spin, assumes gravity is highest at the center, doesn't understand how magnetic field work and so on.

    according to your theory, star starts forming core when it becomes red dwarf due to collapse on itself, right?
    but since the core will spin extremely fast, it will obviously form a hollow space between. that cannot be ignored.
    gas giants like jupiter will be hollow as in lighter gas will migrate closer to the core will heavier gas to the edges.

    i don't think the crust start forming until star becomes blue giant.
    even blue giants spin faster so any solid crust formed will be pushed to the edge and will eventually become continent. its very obvious.

    since the rotation of planet functions similar to merry go round principle.

    i think that the core and crust have different rotation speeds. core spins faster while crust spins slower.
    can scientist really detect earths core with seismology? or are they detecting iron layer deep inside earth.

    gravity? it belongs to electromagnetic spectrum, what is it doing with matter.

    lava? it just due to radioactive decay deep inside the earths crust. also due to friction, earths rotation and electricity inside the earth.
    lava doesn't exist everywhere deep below earth, if it did, it will make it hard for polar ice caps to form as oceans will be then evenly hot on

    surface of the deep oceans and surface of oceans will be lukewarm which is not the case.

    earths core is molten iron nickel core, not solid core. it will shine too like a sun though not as bright as sun.
    you can see it if you go far enough beyond the magnetic north and reach the warmer area.
    Poles are warm, not cold. polar openings is where magnetic field comes from.
    there are arctic pilots who have witnessed polar openings but they fear of losing their jobs so they don't come out and openly say it.

    i don't think earth will collapse any further.
    the probable reason moons are so small is not because they have collapsed on itself,
    its because moon was born as smaller star to begin with. all stars are not born same size.
    once the planets have formed stable solid crusts, they wont collapse anymore.
    besides, for a planet to collapse on itself to the size of moon or smaller than moon,
    you need to have the vast hollow space inside the planet.
    planets can only contract so much due to cooling, not enough to cause shrinking to moon size.

    google jupiter south polar hole. picture is not very well censored so you can see some light radiating out probably from the core.

    please study everything on hollow earth theory before you believe earth to be billiard ball like mainstream science does.

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    2. What about Ganymede, Callisto, Triton, Titan, Vesta, Pluto, Mars, Mercury, Venus, the Moon, etc.

      Are they hollow as well? As you should know I am not a proponent of mainstream dogma, but this does not mean I will accept any idea just because its out there. It has to be cohesive and make sense to me.

    3. obviously hollow, moons were once stars too. there is no such thing as solid planet unless it never has spin. since planets go from very high spin rate to very low spin rate, its obvious planets are hollow. By the time planets reach slow spin rate, they pretty much have stable solid crust so it wont collapse on itself or shrink any further. moons are that small because they were just born as smaller stars to begin with.

      As far i know, Jan Lamprecht's book is latest scientific book on hollow planets. you really should read it. yes its cohesive.
      The book is available on Amazon. 2nd edition just released last year 2014.

      also hollow space is lit by molten iron nickel core, is safe from cosmic and suns harmful radiation so radiation harming DNA is unlikely, safe from being suddenly wiped out by asteroids, there is no darkness so basically summer all the time so its most likely where all life on earth originated from and eventually migrated to surface from polar openings. no ice caps inside and has fresh water everywhere. that's where the very fresh water on earth comes from, from polar openings and it freezes as it reaches the arctic or antarctic area. we have polar ice caps due to not enough sun light reaching there, if there was lava deep beneath the polar ice cap, it would have made it hard for ice caps to form due to constant heat leak.

      also think about it, where would be advanced life on planet be if a planet happen to be never captured by host star and remained alone in space. surface of such planet will be probably cold and dark and maybe icy so life will be most likely evolving safely on the lit hollow space and since gases tend to migrate to near the center of planet, atmosphere will be denser in the hollow space compared to the surface. nocturnal life may exist on surface of such planet. it is very likely humans have evolved in a brightly lit world inside the planet.

      Please read Jan Lamprecht's book. :)

  2. Notes on a Hollow Earth by Eric Dollard

    its a must read.

  3. In stellar metamorphosis old stars like the Earth are not hollow, they have iron/nickel cores.

    1. yes i know stellar metamorphosis theory says that but earth is definitely hollow so are all celestial bodies.
      molten iron nickel core makes magnetic field, it escapes from polar openings.
      spin forms hollow structure with lit core in the middle. hollow as in there is a dense atmosphere between core and crust.

      Please read Jan Lamprecht's book. :)

    2. Stellar metamorphosis is my brain child. I'm not going to abandon it. It can't take care of itself yet, it still has to battle with the fusion model of the Sun, plate tectonics, expanding Earth, big bang creationism, protoplanetary disk theory, etc.

      I have to battle against ALL other theories. See? I am your enemy in a scientific sense.

    3. i am not telling you to abandon stellar metamorphosis theory. its a great theory in my opinion and makes lot of sense. i am just saying planets are definitely hollow and i just think hollow planet theory is compatible with stellar metamorphosis.

      i am not your enemy ok in any sense. i wont make enemies with anyone, peace. :)

      best way i guess to explain people is to explain them both mainstream and alternative theories and then let them make up their own mind based on what makes most sense.

    4. Yea, but in this theory the "planet" is hollow when it is younger, not now. Older planets have already collapsed and differentiated their interiors, the younger planets are still plasmatic and hollow. The younger planet is called "star" by establishment, they are heavily confused and their makeshift/ad hoc theories show this all too well.

      I don't want to make enemies, but I am also not a push over. I've learned all too well how establishment treats others outside of their groups, and if they could they would probably burn people at the stake again, just like in the past.

    5. what if older planets like earth are also hollow like Jan Lamprecht and others claim based on their research?

      gravity is not highest at the center but zero and core spins faster than crust.

      i get that star create the core by collapsing on itself but i don't think planets can collapse on itself anymore after forming stable solid crust which allows vast hollow space between the crust and core to exist.

      i think the solid liquid crusts start forming at the edges of the planet (due to high spin rate) during gas/liquid giant phase and then slow collapse on itself bring the crusts together and forms the stable solid crust, then it stops collapsing further. so i am saying planets never 100% collapse on itself, they always have hollow space within to some extent.

      but yea we will never know for sure earth is hollow or not until someone curious goes inside the planet from polar openings and capture the entire thing on film whatever it might be and leak it on youtube. :)

    6. the reason i say you should read Jan Lamprecht's book is that it might help you evolve your Stellar Metamorphosis Theory. :)

    7. when i say planets never 100% collapse on itself, i mean the solid crust wont collapse on the iron nickel core so there will be hollow space between.

      lava exist between the solid crusts, not below the solid crust as is believed.
      this lava will eventually all cool down causing the contraction shrinking the planet to some extent. once this lava cools no further contraction will occur and planet will then stay that size. mars will likely stay that size as its lava is all cooled.

      what mainstream scientists thinks is lava below the crust is i think is vast sea of fresh waters that eventually comes out and freezes in the arctic/antarctic areas.


    interesting comment by Kenneth Downes:

    It's falling into the "Torus" theory, on how magnetics work. It is an extremely followed theory right now, and countries refuse to release any information regarding this as even a posibility.

    If experiments aren't done by the public, then anything our rulers say is truth, this has been how things work for 200 years. Earth revolves in a swivel, along with the magnetic north and south poles. The real north and south contain the holes to inner Earth, and Ahgartha.

    Flights have been recently allowed to fly over the N&S poles, but only if they are above a certain altitude, and they cannot stray into the REAL N&S poles, that area is still off limits. We need a real excursion set up by the people, and set sail to the inner Earth.

    This also explains why it gets warmer after a point heading to the poles. The inner Earths Oceans(warm) are flowing out, and creating our FRESHWATER icebergs after getting far enough away. This also explains some animals preserved in Ice in the poles are found completely intact. They swam through, only to freeze on this side.


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