Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Bastardization of Stellar Evolution

Lets be clear, things are not as they seem. To think scientists just know how stars evolve just because they studied them is nonsense. You have to actually understand how stars evolve as you study them. This means just because you go to school and are curious about them does not mean you understand them, much to the chagrin of people who work in astronomy/astrophysics.

I think I've found out how the bastardization of stellar evolution came about, and it all started with assuming the Sun was older than the Earth:

1. Sun and Earth were born at the same time.

2. Earth is really old.

3. Sun is really old, because the Earth is really old.

See what happened? They took a really violent, bright, turbulent object such as the Sun and made it old like the Earth... then the shit hit the fan, how exactly does a turbulent, hot, bright object possess the same "age" as the Earth?

You invent a process which "allows it" to be as old as Earth...thus the "fusion model" is born.

It all comes crashing down when you realize the Earth is actually much older than the Sun. Then the question arises... are scientists aware of this fact of nature?

You tell me:


Lets be real here. How exactly do rock formations not at least APPEAR to be older than a giant ball of plasma? Maybe common sense really, truly is absent at the University level.

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