Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chemical Reactions in Stars, Stellar Metamorphosis

Type it into google with quotes, ("chemical reactions in stars"), scroll down to the bottom and click the 2nd page and there you go, 19 results.

Wild. All stars are electrochemical/thermochemical events, so yea, basically, literally, completely chemical in nature. The type of chemical when plasma recombines into neutral gas and is re-ionized in a feed back loop, as well as a plethora of recombination and reionization loops, including the reaction of hydrogen combining with oxygen, and dissociating again.

The sun shines because of a feed back loop of plasma recombination/ionization on the surface, not internal, unseen, hypothetical events which require millions of degrees Kelvin to occur.

Scientific understanding is changing again. I like it. I am working on a theory called stellar metamorphosis, in which the fusion model of stars, nebular hypothesis, supernova nucleosynthesis and plate tectonics will all be replaced effectively.

Here is an important paper concerning plasma as the electrolytic substance for electromagneto-hydrodynamic interactions. Kudos Hannes Alfven:

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