Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I think I'm mostly finished with Stellar Metamorphosis

I think I've said the majority of what needed to be said concerning the development of "stellar metamorphosis". I'm going to start toning it down, and relaxing now. I'm absolutely exhausted, and lets face it, establishment has a shit load of catching up to do. They need to get the basics down yet, and false knowledge is preventing even that.

Right now I have no idea where this theory is going, but I think I've taken and built it up to the best of my ability. I'd say I'm about 95% done with what I could do. Now I have to just let other people carry the torch for a while. In two days it will be four years since the discovery was made. I think that's a long enough time to spend on any idea.

I guess I can answer questions when they pop up, but that's about it. I'm mostly finished and absolutely fatigued.


  1. Well I have learned a great deal watching your videos and reading some bits and pieces on vixtra. So I must say I benefitted a great deal and appreciate your intellectual integrity and honesty, and the shear amazing simplicity of your discovery. I believe it is genuine, i.e. it actually faithfully reflects the physical processes responsible for this marvel of a universe around us.

    Stellar Metamorphosis has changed my outlook on many issues. It feels as though a whole structure of thoughts and believes has shifted for me and changed shape and parameters of inquiry have slipped in and out of their long-held positions.

    So, in so many ways, the universe has been renewed for me. It is no longer the mishmash of absurd dogmas and highfaluting ex-cathedra assertions by guys who can't cook their own dinner.

    Thank you and good luck with whatever you're up to next!

  2. Wish you all the best for a well deserved break Jeff, you had already made a huge contribution to the field of astronomy almost turning it upside down and rewriting it. Its a different matter that it hasn't sunk in yet in the mainstream and might take some time, and its probably an unreasonable ask for people to expect you to keep spending limited\valuable life of yours to try to convince everybody of it (Most of the job is already done by having made this discovery). Inquiring minds would still hope that you are still able to fine tune your theories from time to time going forward subject to you having adequate time\energy available.
    Amrinder Singh


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