Monday, July 25, 2016

37 "protoplanetary disks" discovered but no pictures... Stellar metamorphosis

So they found disks. Okay. Where are the pictures of these things forming Earth to Jupiter sized objects?

Its a farce. The disk theory of planet formation is based on the superceded theory of the nebular hypothesis vs. island universe hypothesis.

In the nebular hypothesis the nebulas (Andromeda galaxy) of the past were thought to be solar systems in formation. In the island universe hypothesis the nebulas were considered to be island universes (entire galaxies and they are!)

...but no modern astronomers seem to have realized what they are doing...

They are using bogus interpretations, to support a bogus understanding.

The stars themselves are young, hot planets. Stellar evolution is planet formation.


If there are disks, they are the result of collisions between objects. That's it!

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