Friday, May 4, 2018

Regarding Peter Woit's Stale Hype Article

Stale hype found here:

What's worse is that the loud media noise machine means notability is given for wikipedia articles to spring up.

1. Claims made by specific university professors/researchers.

2. Noise machine grabs it and spools up like a turbine.

3. Wikipedia articles written because of notability from the loud noise machine going to town, blowing hot air at super sonic velocities and in large amounts.

4. People read wikipedia unwittingly attributing credibility of claims with notability. Everybody knows about it, so it must be important and/or credible.

5. Repeat as much as needed to get the public to buy the books written about nothing of practical significance.

6. Young people read the books, and think that is the path forward.

7. Go to school to study said phenomenon (which is a giant nothing burger).

8. Become the professor and continue the claims.

Subtract the whole wikipedia and replace with textbooks, and there you go. General Relativity survives indefinitely.

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