Thursday, August 15, 2019

Taking a Step or Two Back from Development of Stellar Metamorphosis

It feels good to just let my brain wander and recoup from almost 8 years of intense thinking. I have learned so many lessons about how to do theory development, and sharing it with a rather large audience.

Those lessons take time to process, they are not instant lessons. They are lessons of maturity and of honing thoughts and ideas.

In short, taking a step back doesn't mean I'm not working on the theory. It is the opposite. I am processing ideas and organizing where I am headed next. A sabbatical, I guess that's what its called. A break, but not a break.

I have about 8 folders of notes and papers to sort and organize. I feel though that chewing on the idea slowly is the best route to take now. Long gone is the urgency. I realized this because I got a comment on one of my youtube videos concerning the theory, and the youtuber said that this theory was a much better explanation offered by either of their Astronomy 101 and 202 courses.

I thought that statement alone to be tremendous. They took both levels of astronomy, just to see this theory and say, "this is a better explanation". That has never happened before, an acknowledgment like that. Its better than the constant ridicule.

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