Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Jack McCleery, Stellar Metamorphosis, Pseudoscience

"The Story of Stellar Metamorphosis" - A talk based on, and analysis of, pseudoscience (Warwick, June 2019).


I wonder what was in this talk. 

I don't think Jack has been in science for the past 10 years. I find it interesting over the years that people who have issues with SM are preoccupied with defining what they think "pseudoscience" is. 

I think their preoccupation with defining pseudoscience is simply admission via projection. In other words, what they claim others are doing, is EXACTLY what they are doing. 

 Fact: No scientist has EVER seen a star evolve. Yet, they drew up entire models of stellar evolution, without the corresponding observations to support their models. Now that the observations of intergalactic objects are rolling in via exoplanet data, it is becoming more glaring that people like Jack have NEVER understood what they were talking about. 

The highly evolved, evolving and dead stars are called "exoplanets/planets". Planets and stars were NEVER mutually exclusive. 

Pseudoscientists don't actually exist. There are people who do not fully understand what they are talking about but are trying their best, Jack in this case, and people like me who pointed out that people like Jack  don't understand the basics of stellar evolution or planet formation (same thing). You can claim to be educated, but that education only goes in line with social groups. 

Real, genuine understanding is not tied to social order, it is just genuine understanding.


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