Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Links Around the Web Overviewing Stellar Metamorphosis

This is for papers and links to stellar metamorphosis.

stellar metamorphosis in Catholic Cosmology
This is for the Catholics in the house.

stellar metamorphosis on Integrated Post

This is for those who follow Bill Gaede and Mike Huttner

stellar metamorphosis on Vixra.org

This is for those who want to read the book.

stellar metamorphosis on Riff Wiki
This is for those who want to read the article as it was written on wikipedia before it was deleted.

stellar metamorphosis on Rational Wiki

This is for those who like to bash free thinkers.

stellar metamorphosis on Cosmoquest forum

 This is the locked thread on cosmoquest.

stellar metamorphosis on QDL

This is the best version, which covers other star/planet models as well that are ignored by establishment. Mr. Charles Chandler is the best!

stellar metamorphosis on Thunderbolts Project Forum

This is the thread on Thunderbolts Project forum.

stellar metamorphosis deletion page off Wikipedia

This is the deletion page of stellar metamorphosis off wikipedia.

stellar metamorphosis on David Icke forum
This is for those who follow David Icke

stellar metamorphosis papers on General Science Journal
This is for people who want to see the papers in an alternative science journal.

stellar metamorphosis on godlikeproductions.com
For my fellow conspiracy nuts.

stellar metamorphosis in Natural Philosophy Alliance
For those who are not aware of the Natural Philosophy Alliance

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