Thursday, December 5, 2013

List of keywords and phrases

List of Keywords for search engines:

stellar metamorphosis, planets are stars, stars are planets, planets were stars, stars will become planets, Earth is a black dwarf star, Earth is an ancient star, Earth is an old star, Saturn is an ancient star, Saturn is an old star, the Sun is a new planet, the Sun is a young Earth, the Sun is a very young Earth, nebular hypothesis is wrong, the nebular hypothesis is false, the nebular hypothesis is fallacious, the nebular hypothesis is outdated, the nebular hypothesis violates basic physics, the nebular hypothesis needs to be trashed, the nebular hypothesis is trash, stars evolve into planets, planet formation is star evolution, Jupiter is a brown dwarf star, planets are stars, Bill Gaede, Stephen J. Crothers, black holes do not exist, black holes are fantasy, black holes are fictional, true star evolution, real star evolution, creation of molecules, life formation, the formation of life, star evolution, planet formation, Anthony Abruzzo, Jeffrey J. Wolynski, Jeffrey Wolynski, rope hypothesis, young Earth, hollow Earth, electric universe, thunderbolts project, pseudoscience, cranks, crackpots, rationalwiki, Jeffrey Wolynski is a crack pot, Jeffrey Wolynski is a crank, Jeffrey Wolynski is a pseudoscientist, planetesimal theory, planetesimal, Chamberlin-Moulton planetesimal hypothesis....

More for later. This is to simply see how well google can find stuff.

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