Friday, March 21, 2014

More Creationists Spewing Dogma and Nonsense

Here are all the papers on BICEP2:

Here is my take:

What did they discover? Gravitational waves from the Big Bang?

Wow. I hope they get the Nobel Prize for that. It explains absolutely nothing of significance. Society will move on after this as if it never happened. Let those old guys award themselves prizes and money. In the future we will look back on this and laugh at our own folly. The universe having a creation moment?

If anybody wants my take on the universe it is this:

The universe is eternal, it had no beginning and will have no end. It was never created.

Sure, stars can be born and die, galaxies can be born and die, large scale structures and come into being and then fade away like clouds on a windy day, but the universe as a whole? Shit, that's everything! All that is seen and unseen! Notice the key word: Unseen. So, to have a creation of what you don't even know is there? The epitome of ignorant rambling.

Let the creationists have their last huzzah. Their time is over. They have kept humanity in the dark long enough, but not will award themselves their prizes because of... well, because of political strings being pulled to maintain the smoke and mirrors of Big Bang Creationism. I wonder how much money the Vatican is wiring to the Nobel Committee to keep up the charades?

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