Monday, March 31, 2014

UFO's and Flying Disks

As a child I've always wondered if there is alien life out there. I remember being about 6 years old and catching a peek at a show called X-Files and seeing an alien on the TV. It scared me very deeply as it resonated inside of me. It did not feel as if it was the "boogeyman", but I did feel a realness about seeing the alien on the TV show.

It felt real. Like seeing a tiger in real life and being afraid of it, and seeing an alien on TV and being afraid of it were similar. So I have to admit, aliens have sort of always been real to me. A creature with a much larger head and frail grey body seemed to me as a child something that was completely possible. I mean, there are creatures on Earth that do not have hands or legs! We call them fish! They are completely natural to us in normal settings, but this is only because we have been conditioned to them existing our whole lives.

Think about what a person would feel like if they had never been introduced to the concept or even the structure of a fish as it swam in the ocean, and then one day they were thrown in the ocean and they encountered a large shark. Scary right? How would they make sense of it? I know. Since they were not familiar with swimming creatures, they would be called mermaids. They would be people with large ugly mouths and fins. People who rule the oceans so to speak. Its easy to connect the dots when you use your mind. The "mermaid" was a concept invented by people who were not familiar with swimming creatures that were the size of human beings.

Back to the topic at hand. Being familiar with something means you are used to seeing it on a daily basis. Whether it be on TV shows, or in nature or whatever. Familiarity is comfortable. It doesn't matter how scary and real it is, if someone is familiar with it the edge is dulled quite a bit. Instead of there existing this civilization of killer humans who eat unsuspecting sailors, we have sharks that are attracted to objects that appear as their regular prey, seals and some types of fish. Being familiar with it makes it easy to digest, it makes the concept not so scary and fantasy driven.

I have been making UFOs and flying disks familiar, by studying people's interaction with them and the eyewitness accounts of them moving about our atmosphere, surveying the area, and in some cases allegedly abducting humans and livestock for experimentation. I have been making them less scary and more familiar. I suggest others do the same.

It is actually one of my life goals to figure out how they work. They reached here from "there", this means we can go "there" from here. Those that deny this simply do not want to make the concept familiar. It takes a level of emotional/mental maturity to understand something like this. I do not expect my readers to consider it, but I assure you, looking over the information will make the concept of aliens visiting Earth much less scary.

For those people who have accounts of their own, please make a written report to the National UFO Reporting Center. There you will find that there have been many tens of thousands of sightings of unusual objects. We can study them if we want, like detectives.

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