Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille: Sun on Trial | EU2014

Go to 8:44 in the video and look at the Sun's impact event. Sure, it looks like ripples in a liquid be we must not be too hasty. Plasma does not behave like a gas, because it is not a gas, so I think arguing against the gas model of the Sun is a straw man. Plasma is not gas, it is a distinct phase of matter all in itself.

Did Mr. Robitalle consider that plasma can resemble liquids? Of course the Sun is not gaseous, it is plasmatic. It is plasma.

Did Mr. Robitalle consider that plasma can give off black body radiation just like a latticed structure (solid structure?)


Plasma can ripple like water. If it can ripple like water, then it can emit black body radiation because it is latticed structure.

Thus the liquid model is unnecessary. That was easy.

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