Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Massive Disappointment

I feel genuine disappointment in the scientific community. I thought a discovery as basic as this would be welcomed with open arms. Turns out its not. It has fallen on deaf ears for the most part, only a few individuals on the internet who I have had communication with realize what I do. That they are standing on an ancient star.

I guess its just such an massive divergence from regular beliefs and world views that even considering something this grand is just too much for any graduate educated person to bear.

My anger is subsiding and it is making way for the allowing myself to just feel disappointment. I mean who wouldn't feel disappointment in this case? You make a grand discovery and you try to share it with those people who study the objects which you have discovered something about...

The attitude among scientists is vastly different than what my 12 year old self believed. The truth is that new insights and understanding that conflicts with prior worldviews/beliefs is not appreciated in the scientific community.

Anybody who tells you different is either A. lying to you, or B. is naive.

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