Monday, August 25, 2014

Nobel Prizes in Science

Nobel Prizes in science only go to people who are a part of the University systems. They do not go to outsiders who have no University affiliation (regardless if the person possesses a "degree"). Its the good ole' boys. Its a club. Its a closed loop.

Thank god for the internet, or the discovery would have never been made and human beings would be stuck with theories that resemble old moldy bread such as Big Bang and the Nebular hypothesis/accretion theory.


I am an outsider. I am not a part of their "club". Truth be told, my "award" will be the eyes of children lighting up when they find out they are standing on an ancient star older than the Sun. I remember teaching my step-niece that the Earth is round, not flat, and she understood and was like "whoa". The next step will be teaching her deep time, in which events happen in the universe that are not only really time consuming, but they stretch beyond our imaginations.

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