Sunday, November 9, 2014

Oparin's versus Wolynski's Structure of Young Stars

Abstract: It is noted that the main difference between Alexander Oparin's structure of the Sun and Jeffrey Wolynski's.

Mr. Oparin takes the stance that the center of the Sun is a red hot liquid nucleus on page 18,[1] and this is where him and I differ greatly. The Sun as it stands is hollow. It is too young to have formed a core, as core development happens as the star evolves. The surface of young stars like the Sun signal the material is much too hot to even be liquid, but exists in its ionized state and becomes gaseous as it cools and the gas condenses into the central regions of the star forming the core. This inward falling material would case the star to shrink and cool, forming the core as it gravitationally collapses. Core development is an end result of a star's evolution, young stars do not have cores.


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