Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Location of Life Formation in the Universe

Abstract: It is expressed in simple terms the locations in which life arises.


According to stellar metamorphosis, stellar evolution is the process of planet formation. Since life is a by-product of a star's evolution as is the case of the Earth, we can come to the conclusion that the conditions in which life arises are currently present in all evolving stars. The chemical reactions necessary for the formation of life from the formation of molecules from ionized plasma, to polymerization of the molecules, to prokaryotes, to eukaryotes and then to multicellular life, to sea plants then to animals and land plants all result in a series of stages of a single star's evolution. Life evolves as stars evolve, this means stars are life producing objects as their inherent nature, not fusion reactors. The Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and all the stars in the night sky and in the galaxy are in one stage or another of life formation. It also means that Venus, Mars and Mercury at one point hosted life very similiar to Earth's, as they are dead stars. This leads credence to the fact that as the star evolves life evolves, and as the star dies, the life on it dies as well. Life and stars are much more intimitely tied together than what establishment dogma can consider, because they consider stars and planets as separate objects,[1] which is the gravest mistake ever in the history of astrophysics.


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