Friday, August 21, 2015

Compassion for Lost Souls

I think the most advanced lesson yet, I'm currently learning concerning theory development, is the compassion part. I already have the courage thing down pat, now I must have compassion for the lost souls in establishment astrophysics/astronomy.

I have to treat them with lots of compassion. How? I currently have no idea, but it is a task that needs to be done. A series of lessons more powerful than anything school can offer. It is essential for me to become a fully actualized human being, and to show other human beings where we are going as a species.

We have to evolve to great heights via compassion before we leave for other solar systems. I would hate to have our "leaders" do what they do best and subjugate entire species on other worlds just for our ends/means. It would be worse than Oppenheimer's saying that he has become death, destroyer of worlds.

I guess there is so much more to write if I were to really spend time on this little post. I guess the first real time I learned any sort of "compassion" type lesson was when one of my mother's ex's use to talk to me about his time in Vietnam. He told me of the time one of the VC's ran up behind him and pointed and yelled at him with an AK-47, and Doc (that's what they called him) who was bringing up the rear of the patrol did the only thing he knew to do. He had pulled out his side arm and shot the man in the face. My guess is that the VC with the AK-47 didn't have any rounds, or else Doc would have been shot. He told me how he came back to the platoon, told the platoon leader what happened and got really sick to his stomach. He began puking and began to have cold sweats for the next few weeks every night.

Doc told me stories like that, really intense real stories which outlined his experiences, as well as some stories of when he was a homicide detective. He told me to be compassionate towards human beings, to not be so rough and violent, to really GET where they were coming from and try your best to ease their suffering granted you had the power to do so.

Now, I'm not all about really hippy ideals like, oh, we have to save the world and all that stuff, I'm talking about REAL compassion. Like, spending time with older people who are in pain, and need company. People who realize that death is on their door and being there for them. Or even in my case understanding that there are young men/women who are lost and confused as to which direction to take in understanding the stars and where we are going as a species. We have to be more compassionate towards them, to gently know that their professors albeit well-intentioned will not inform them of how lost they really are. Breaking that type of news to any young women/man who aspires to study the stars, well, it is extremely emotionally charged to realize we have been led astray in multiple avenues.

Bringing us out of the darkness is a responsibility I have been given. Even if it is just in one thing, one idea. I think treating those who disagree with this one idea will take a considerable amount of understanding and compassion, because many just don't know any better. Approaching them at the ground floor will be required, not being airy, haughty and conceited as are most scientists these days. I have to stay away from the airy, haughty and conceited nature of most intellectuals, and foster an attitude of being solid, integrity driven, down to Earth and compassionate as I share this understanding. That is the only way. I have to rise above the hate and fear.

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