Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Solar System Strangers, Stellar Metamorphosis

One of the root assumptions of astrophysics, that the solar system bodies are related to each other by formation, is quite easy to fall for.

These four objects are more than likely strangers. Objects that are orbiting each other for a short while. Objects that are in completely different stages to their evolution. It also shows a good reference for sizes between them. It would be even better if someone could place objects in between the Sun and Jupiter as well between Jupiter and the Earth to account for a much richer series of evolution that all astrons experience.

Let me be clear. It could be possible that the mainstream's acceptance of objects ONLY being 4.5 billion years old is a very low limit. Just thinking about it... I could seriously consider that their evolutionary timelines stretch beyond many hundreds of billions of years. I overview that in a short video:

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