Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Correcting Wikipedia Again, Stellar Metamorphosis, Mass Loss of Stars

Abstract: Since Wikipedia will revert edits to their pages to account for incorrect theories simply because they are status quo, it is suggested a simple edit so that future scientists can see where they made grave mistakes in theory, preventing our understanding of the stars. This paper also serves as a warning to future scientists to always be aware of how powerful group think and the perception of scientific authority can be. Think for yourself! Do not trust authority! Authorities have led us astray multiple times in history, it is up to us to correct them!

Look up “star” on Wikipedia and the statement that caused/still causes grave damage to theory development is right out in the open:

“The total mass of a star is the principal determinant of its evolution and eventual fate.”

 This statement is in direct contradiction to the mass loss principle of stellar evolution/planet formation, which is stated below:

“As stars evolve, cool and die, they lose mass.”

This means the total mass of a star cannot possibly be the principal determinant of its evolution and eventual fate. The total mass of the star is a good determinant for its youth. Heavy stars are young and radiant, light stars are old (planets/exoplanets). The mass is lost as they star evolves, due to solar wind, flares, coronal mass ejections, impacts and even photoevaporation by hotter hosts. The presence of giant interstellar clouds all over the galaxy are glaring evidence of the mass loss of billions of stars. As well, their composition is a direct result of the matter coming out of stars due to impacts, solar wind, flares, coronal mass ejections and photoevaporation of other hosts. If stars do not lose mass, then they probably do not shine or are even made of matter, meaning they are not stars at all, but fantasy objects invented by mathematicians.

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